Awarding Ceremony for Volunteers Attending the III World Nomad Games

November 23, 2018, students who participated in the III World Nomad Games were awarded at the Centre of Culture of the Faculty of Arts as volunteers and a concert in honour of Teacher's Day.

After the concert program dedicated to the Teachers' Day, the volunteers of the III World Nomad Games were awarded a letter of thanks from the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic. The deputy head of the Secretariat of the World Games Nomad Aizhan Abdesova explained that in holding such world events the role of volunteers is very large, she also said: “While students from different universities came to volunteer, KTUM students did not stand aside either. With their qualities, such as diligence, energy, responsibility and assiduity, they have made a very large contribution to the holding of the Third World Nomad Games at the highest level”.

Recall that at the III World Nomad Games, held in Cholpon-Ata from 2 to 8 September, 67 students from the Kyrgyz-Turkish University “Manas” participated as volunteers.

Prepared by: Akymbaev Altynbek

Translated by: Timur Bapiev