On January 13, in the conference hall named after K. Tynystanov in the building of the Faculty of Economics and management, a traditional meeting was held with volunteers who are ready to conduct advertising work to promote the University in the far regions of the country. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Student and Alumni Coordination Branch of the Student Affairs Department, the Chairman and Deputy of the Student Council, student volunteers who will conduct advertising work and students responsible for the regions. 

Promoting works start every year in December. At the first stage, volunteers are recruited and schools that will be visited during the program are identified, and the necessary materials are prepared. At the second stage, students who went to their home region during the winter holidays begin to conduct introductory events in local schools. This year, 237 students voluntarily took responsibility, and according to the program plan, they will visit 381 schools.

Deputy Chairman of the Student and Alumni Coordination Branch of the Student Affairs Department Suyorkul Beishenbekov noted that the further work of volunteers is very serious and important, and he wished them success.

On December 27, last year, a similar meeting was organized, where the project itself was presented. At the end of the event the volunteers were given all the necessary materials for carrying out promoting work. Also, the students were divided into groups for each region and shared their responsibilities. 

Prepared by Mohammad KURTOGLU
Translated by Timur Bapiev